Friday 14th October 2016


Overcast.  No wind as of 9:00am.  All rivers are good to go !!  Should be great fishing for the weekend if you are heading this way to Turangi. There are plenty of fish around but it appears the angling numbers have tapered off.  My favourite time of the year.  Come 1st October when the back country opens up and the small lakes in the local area open, anglers like to explore their local water and these other areas taking plenty more pressure off the Tongariro and other smaller rivers.

There are heaps of fish in the rivers at this time of the year ... with the bonus of fewer anglers ;-)

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Tim Morrison who was here in the school holidays last month.  Tim writes:

Hi Jared

I returned to Turangi in the September holidays with my young family to enjoy the river and surroundings.  I appreciate the friendliness and support from Sporting Life to get me onto the river and to enjoy the moments it provides.  In my type of work I appreciate your reports and follow them daily, just to take me back to a place where I can relax for a few moments before commencing my day.

Earlier in the week you spoke about the Toowoomba Terror fishing in your pool!  One day in the school holidays I arrived at the same pool on a clear sunny morning to find no one there and thought I would have a few casts to warm the arm up for the mornings casting.  All of a sudden four burly looking young fellas arrived wearing All Black paraphernalia arrived as if they had not had breakfast yet, sequentially commencing to cast into Major Jones Pool.  The advice given to me by the Toowoomba Terror prior to my expedition was accurate,  to get to his favourite “local” pools, have a flick and there is often no one there.  It paid off..  NZ (2)  AUST (3).

Thanks again and look forward to next September.




fly fishing tongariro river tim 1 morrison sep 2016.jpg

(Above) Tim fishing the upper Tongariro River.

(Below) Fishing the Judges Pool. 

fly fishing tongariro river tim 2 morrison sep 2016.jpg

(Below) The glo bug works !

fly fishing tongariro river tim 3 morrison september 2016.jpg

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