Saturday 14th October 2017


OMG !!!!  Another fine sunny day here in Turangi today.  A light breeze as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable.

We managed to get through yesterday being Friday the 13th ok. Had another busy day in the shop. Quite a few anglers picking up supplies for the weekend.

I received this email this morning thanks to Wayne who writes:

Hi to the crew,

It’s hard being home after a great week catching up with the Turangi gang. Had a great 4 days of fishing. Although the river came up fish were there to be caught most days. Even in the rain the fish weren’t afraid to get wet but a lot of anglers stayed in doors. After the river went down on Thursday the river seemed to come alive.Well the pool I fished did.

I landed 8 with 4-5 break off  and several lost fish. Another angler caught and landed more. More to the point not one spent fish and none under size, although I can’t seem to take fish under 40cm. Caught some fresh run fish full of roe in great condition. Here are a few of the fish landed.

Note the 2nd photo the fish weighed just under 5lb by the sporting life scales ( I think they need them  tested ). All said it was a great week and a lot of fish around the 3 to 4lb mark. Roll on summer for another crack at getting the big one.

Take care and tight lines .


waynes 1 world oct 2017.jpg

(Below) Wayne's ... just under 5lb fish .... that we weighed in the shop. After working here in the shop for nearly 18 years it has been amazing how many anglers have caught 5lb rainbows without actually weighing them. 5lb seems to be the magical rainbow figure whereas every brown that has been caught and not weighed is always 10lbs ??

As Peter Carty says ... " if you don't weigh it .... don't say it " ..... and if you do weigh it ... make sure it is on an accurate calibrated set of scales.

waynes 2 world oct 2017.jpg


waynes 3 world oct 2017.jpg


waynes 4 world oct 2017.jpg

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