Monday 15th January 2018


Overcast but fine. Warm and humid. No wind as of 10:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

I was out and about along the river yesterday after work and the cicadas were chirping madly. An angler in the shop this morning hooked a fish on the upper river river using a cicada.

I received these photos and email yesterday with a little bit of delayed coverage from the last week thanks to Wanganui Wayne.  Wayne writes:


To the Sporting Life crew. Thanks for all your help. Had a great few days but never long enough. Will be back. A few photos of some of the fish caught. The brown was caught on the wet line while the river was well up 80 + cumecs.  Weighing 7lb, a great fat fish.

The second fish caught was the redist fish I have  caught in the river or lake and was great for lunch only an hour after being caught. All the fish kept had good coloured flesh with some fresh run fish. Have  a great summer and keep up all the good work and reporting.

Regards Wayne

wanganui 1 wayne jan 2018.jpg

(Above) A nice Tongariro River brown trout secured by Wayne while the river had some volume and colour.

(Below) Any relation to Baron Silas Greenback ? Notice how green the back of Waynes brown trout is ?'They look really cool when they are like this.  I also like the browns that come out and it looks like they have flecks of gold on their skin. We don't tend to get the buttery yellow colour browns here.  I wonder if has something to do with the trout taking on the colour of their surroundings and what chemical make-up may be in the water. Most of the ones I have seen here are silver if fresh, a light gold colour if fresh and an off yellow colour if not so fresh.

wanganui 2 wayne jan 2018.jpg

(Below) Here is one of the buttery coloured browns I was talking about above. I caught this one in the back country in the Wairarapa a few months ago. Notice how the sunlight reflecting off the water over the rocks also makes the rocks appear a yellowy colour as well. 

jared butter coloured brown trout 2017.jpg

(Below) Quite a fresh looking rainbow caught by Wayne.

wanganui 3 wayne jan 2018.jpg

(Below) Fleshy Fillets of trout filleted by Wayne.

wanganui 4 wayne jan 2018.jpg

(Below) A couple more rainbows landed by Wayne. To the left of the picture is one of his " fish dongers / fish carrier ".  These can be purchased in Sporting Life.  They make carrying fish back to the car a lot easier than sticking your fingers in the gills, especially when you get three or four heavy fish to carry.

wanganui 5 wayne jan 2018.jpg



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