Thursday 15th February 2018


You are not going to believe this but it is FINE AND SUNNY !!!!!  A nice cool crisp start to the day today.  No wind as of 8:30am.  The Tongariro is flowing at about 48 cumecs as of 8:30am and has a nice bit of colour to it.  It is ideal for wetlining and glo bugging on the nymph.


hydro pool 1 sunny day 15022018.jpg

(Above) Wow !!!!  Look at that !  Blue Sky !!!!  This is looking upstream to the Hydro Pool on the Tongariro River at about 8:15am this morning.

(Below) One angler fishing just under the Major Jones Swing Bridge at 8:15am this morning. Look at the nice fishable colour of that river !!!

hydro pool 2 sunny day 15022018.jpg

(Below) There are three anglers in this picture looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool and way down yonder to the Major Jones Pool. 

The colour to the water should be an advantage to the wetliners and for the nymphers my suggestion would be to try a glo bug. 

hydro pool 3 sunny day 15022018.jpg

(Below) For most of the year, blackberries are the curse of many anglers.  Especially if you carry a landing net .... quite often you go to walk off and the net catches in the blackberries unknown to you.  As you take a few steps, the tension comes on and if your net is hung at the back of your vest, the vest nearly garrottes you as it rides up around your neck and you nearly fall over backwards ..... after a few swear words and trying to free yourself, you become free only to swing around to walk off and the same thing happens again .... once again some more swear words and cursing and then you eventually work free !!!

However, for one particular time of the year the "darned" blackberry comes of use to a starving angler who was only going to go for a quick fish ( that didn't take lunch ) and find that after 6 hours fishing ... the humble blackberry provides some much needed nourishment.

blackberries on the tongariro river 06022018.jpg

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