Wednesday 15th March 2017


Bbbrrrr it was very cold this morning. There is a gusty strong SE wind here in Turangi today. The Tongariro is fishable though. It appears that the summer may well be over.  The weather is feeling very Autumnal.  Mind you sunshine is forecast for the entire next week so we could be back up to summer temperatures yet again. The odd cicada are still chirping when temperatures have been good enough.  

Some good reports of plenty of smelt off Kuratau way over the last few days.  Might pay to have a look at the spit or the Kuratau River mouth with a silicon smelt or Black Magic Jelly Bean. 

Things have quietened off angler wise over the last week or so with only a few hardy anglers getting out there and having a crack.  Now is a good time to fish the river if it is space and choice of pool that you wish to fish. There are some outstanding fish in the river, especially the browns. There is still just a touch of colour to the deeper pools which should help you somewhat. You may also get the odd cracker fresh run rainbow.


(Below) I had a little accident the other day ....  I was getting the hook out of a fish I had landed but it took off and caused my secondary hook to impale me ... the point had come most of the way through so I pushed it completely through and then crimped the barb and with a few beads of sweat managed to reversed the hook out ....


trout fishing new zealand 9 jared march 2017.jpg


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