Thursday 15th March 2018


Overcast but fine here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 8:45am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable but still contains what I would call an awesome milky greeny colour.

The Tongariro still contains some colour.  For the anglers that know what the colour of the river is ... then they will relish the fact the river is like it is.  This is perfect colour for swinging wets and for me nymphing would be great for the glo bug. 

The river seems to have held the colour for quite sometime which is similar to what happened at the end of January when the river got a sludgy muddy tinge to it.  This took 5 or 6 days to come clear again. 

There still seems to be a sludgy mush at the edges of the river.  Quite strange to see this twice in a couple of months. 

The interesting thing is the people who know about this slight colour will do will enjoy fishing it.  The colour aides the angler to make the fish less spooky.

The funny thing is anglers who have fished in muddy water and caught fish will still fish while others wait until the river becomes clear, and then at the opposite end of the spectrum, anglers in the Winter find the water too clear sometimes and wont fish until there is some colour ??  Never a satisfied angler!  Me .... I realize we are only on this planet a short time, and if I am not working I just go fishing whenever I want to regardless of condition ... except for maybe when it is too windy ! 

There have been some reports of some nice fresh rainbows coming through the river over the last few days.  

Temperatures have taken a plummet here in Turangi over the last week. The leaves on the Oak trees are starting to change colour quite quickly now.  Autumn is well and truly here. 


sporting life turangi 1 bridge pool 14032018.jpg

(Above) I went for a look down to the Tongariro River yesterday after work.  I only spotted one angler fishing just below the S.H.1 road bridge. I went for a look rather than a fish ..... I should have taken a rod!  It looked so nice to be out and about.

(Below) Looking downstream to the "Bridge Pool of Old"

sporting life turangi 2 bridge pool 14032018.jpg


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