Hello Frosty


The fireplace at home was blazing this morning for the first time this year. The deck had a nice slickness to it which nearly caught me out having my morning coffee. On my walk to work the kids were wrapped up in their beanies and scarves, Mr. Frosty has arrived.

Sitting in front of the computer now writing this report it is absolutely beautiful outside, the sun is shining, the skies are clear but still with a crisp bite to the air, my favourite kind of time to fish.

I got a call from a friend and fishing guide this morning to tell me Lake O is looking picturesque in Lake O fashion, a slow rolling mist, still water disturbed sporadically by a feeding fish and at that stage only himself taking it all in.

I have had a few people through the shop lately telling me that its been tough out there and even a few guides tell me the same thing. The guys who have been successful it seems  are the guys moving through the river, searching out the fish, having the confidence in their drifts that if there was a fish there he couldn't of resisted that presentation and moving up to send that perfect presentation through the next bit of water.


I got out yesterday afternoon after work to have a play around with a few nypmh combinations I have been wanting to try out and had a fun couple of hours over the road from home. Similar to what i wrote earlier, I moved through the sections I was fishing giving each spot at max 5 good drifts, and managed to land a couple of Rainbows holding on the edges of the bubble line in the shallow seam water..


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