Sunday 15th May 2016


Fine and sunny first thing this morning with some cloud about.  No rain.  Little/no wind at the start of the day. All rivers should be highly fishable today.

A few anglers came out of the woodwork over the weekend at the sight of rain... a few surprised we didn't get what the forecast said we were supposed to get, but that is usually the case.  In some instances take the forecast and apply completely the opposite to it !!! 

However I did see evidence of fish caught :-)  ..... there is usually always fish getting caught by .... those who are catching them ;-)

I received this email and photo late yesterday afternoon thanks to Jason.  He has been having a great time here in Turangi over the last week catching fish. He considers himself not to be the best angler in the world but he must be doing the right things to get the fish!

Jason writes:

Jared, Those flies are working well. Wet lining below the bridge.





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