Monday 15th May 2017


Fine and frosty start to the morning. A good frost. Some high cloud coming over at 9:00am. The Tongariro is fishable but still running at about 80 cumecs. It is both nymphable and wetlineable.  Select the quieter edge spots for the nymph.  Should be worth a go with some good sized glo bugs and definitely don't underestimate either a big fat juicy green or white caddis nymph. 

Black or dark olive woolly buggers should be worth a go, also try a Hydro Hustler or Red Setter on the wetline. Might also be worth a go with a green fuzzy wuzzy a go too (for those of you that are old enough to remember what that fly is !)

There should be some cracker fish making their way up river after this flush.  Still a little too early to see if there have been any changes to pools. Over the years the only way to find out the changes is to fish.  For those who are "one pool wonders" ... ie only fish one pool and do the same thing all of the time, they may be left "wondering" where their "one pool" has gone ...  best advice to you is to fish lots of different places so that when something changes you always have a backup.  Fishing lots of different places allows you to catch fish in a lot of different places and so you build up a memory of what water is successful and what water isn't.  The idea being that when the river changes and settles down you can then quickly look at pools and relate this to the previous times  when you have caught fish in water that looked similar. Easy isn't it ?  There is another advantage to doing that .... you don't have to "WAIT" until the fishing is good before you catch fish again .... you can catch them straight away while other anglers are "WAITING" until the fishing is good !

The other rivers are still draining the huge amount of water that we got.  Yesterday the Waitahanui looked good to fish but the others still were carrying quite a bit of water.  The Waimarino didn't look too bad when I drove over it yesterday either.  Today onwards the others should be worth a look for a fish.

(Below) Andrew was out doing the morning report down by the Tongariro. A sunny day here in Turangi today but the river is still flowing a little high holding at around 80 cumecs ... perfect for the wetline / Spey / Skagit / Switch fishermen. Still holding a silty colour but nothing to panic about.

Sporting Life Turangi Facebook 15052017.jpg

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from last week. The angler to the left is Murray Neilson and to the right is Tony Marks.  Now, for those of you who always find the fishing tough .... spare a though for Tony. Tony's vision is not so good as you can possibly tell by the white cane down his left side, however I have to admire him getting out and about and still fishing.  How does he do it ?  Wetline and feel !!  Well done Tony and well done Murray for helping him out.

tony marks may 2017.jpg


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