Wednesday 15th June 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day today. No frost but a lazy breeze to start the day today.  The wind is gusting strong SW as of lunchtime.  All rivers are fishable.

Very few anglers seem to be out and about at present .... wonder why ?  I'm still looking for volunteers to work for me so I can go "catching". I might have to revert back to lunchtime fishing to get some photos for the website, however these days I'm more interested in making sure I have a full stomach !! However, I might just have to duck out and have a flick here and there just to see if there are fish in the river ..... there usually are !!


(Above) A few anglers braving the wind below the S.H.1 road bridge at lunchtime today.  It is good to see a few more further down in what was known as "The Bridge Pool".

(Below) A nice blue sky here in Turangi today.  What you can't see is the gusty, blustery cold SW wind that is punching along the river.


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