Friday 15th June 2018


Fine and sunny with some high cloud here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is at a highly fishable level of 28 cumecs this morning.  


 bridge pool 1 anglers 15062018.jpg

(Above) A nice sunny day here in Turangi today.  This is just below the S.H.1 road bridge at 1:00pm.  I saw one angler walking away carrying a fish and the guy standing in the middle of the pool is busy playing a fish.  I could see about four other anglers further down in the " Bridge Pool " of old.

(Below) The water is a nice emerald green colour in the deeper parts.  The river should fish well over the weekend for anglers heading this way.  It was still about 16 degrees celcius when I went home for lunch.  Apart from the cold snap last week the temperatures are still up quite a bit. It would be nice to get another Southerly blast.

bridge pool 2 anglers 15062018.jpg

(Below) I just got back to work after lunch and local angler Graham Hamilton called in to say he had caught some more rainbows out at the Delta. There are still more fish ready to run.  These runs should continue to build as we head for Spring. Some nice looking silver bullets in amongst these.  

graham hamilton tongariro delta fish 15062018.jpg



andrew doppelganger.jpg

(Above & Below) Observation is a key skill to being a successful angler.  Observing water currents, water colour, weather conditions, birdlife, insect life, whether anglers are catching fish or not,  whether your indicator twitches or not, whether the fish are rising or not etc.  Observation is a key skill when it comes to fly fishing. I have observed Andrew for quite some time and discovered another photo of possibly Andrew's Doppelganger. I wonder why the doppelganger reminds me of Andrew ?

andrew the viking.jpg

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