Monday 15th August 2016


Fine and sunny with some high cloud.  Frost to begin the day with.  All rivers are fishable. No wind. 

A few more anglers are coming out of the woodwork now and anglers are reporting some rather "Full" pools. Just remember a walk somewhere might actually cause you to find some water that hasn't been touched ;-)

Time is moving on ...... and remember that Lake Rotoaira opens in 17 days time (1st September)

It appears there have been some nice fish caught.  Seems to be a bit of a mixed bag in terms of reports but some very nice rainbows are showing up now. The picture below is Graham Hamilton who intercepted some nice rainbows out in Lake Taupo most likely ready to run on Friday. He also landed an 8lb rainbow. 


(Below) Graham's bag limit from Friday.  Some VERY nice fish.


(Below) Bart Burgers sent in this picture and email from Saturday.  Bart writes:

Nice rainbow from the lower reaches


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