Tuesday 15th August 2017


Overcast. Rain falling yet again !!! The rain in Turangi falls mainly on the plain !! When are we going to see some sunshine?  No wind as of 10:00am. The river is flowing at 50 cumecs.

These conditions are ideal for the wetliners using sinking lines / shooting heads and the Switch gear.  Heavy rain is falling yet again and the ground is now completely saturated so it doesn't take long for the rivers to come up a bit now.  Some great solid fish still moving through the rivers. 

We had our Winter Fly Fest over the weekend which was really well attended.  A big thanks to those who came through and spent the day here, also to the sponsors .. Manic Tackle, Fly Tackle NZ Ltd, Turangi Tavern, Tongariro River Rafting, Moa Beer, Bart Burgers with the Fat Trout Whiskey, Kyle from Taranaki for the Tongariro River Roll Cast, Tony Entwistle, Tim Bland from Harcourts, The two "Noels"cooking the snarlers, and the Turangi Turtle Pool swimming complex.


winter fly fest 2 2017.jpg

(Above) Tony Entwistle imparting some good advice on anglers at the Turangi Turtle Pool swimming complex.

(Below) Anglers had the change to test cast any rod in the range from Scott and Sage.

winter fly fest 1 2017.jpg


winter fly fest 7 2017.jpg

(Above) It was really packed in the Sporting Life Store on Saturday. We even had an instore Auction to raise money for the Blue Duck Project. Up for grabs was a Sage X fly rod, Scott Radian fly rod, Sage Approach Rod and reel kit and a rafting fishing trip.

(Below) Cam from Manic tackle doing a demonstration on how goretex works for waders and wading jackets work.

winter fly fest 8 2017.jpg


winter fly fest 4 2017.jpg

(Above) Local angler Randal Hart was a winner of a spot prize being an Airflo Nemesis Rod, Lamson Liquid Fly Reel and an Airflo Banit FLoating Line along with a Sporting Life Baseball Cap.  Randal writes:

Dear Graham, Kath and the Sporting Life Team,

 A quick note to say thanks for the great day at your Winter Fly Fest in Turangi yesterday. It was great catching up with a lot of the old faces as well as chatting to new ones who enjoy fishing in the Taupo area. The demonstrations were also very good and I picked up a lot of great tips from the demo guys.

 I would also like to give you and your Fest sponsors a very special thank you for the rod and reel combo I won as a spot prize.  That was a great surprise and I am looking forward to taking the combo out to try its luck on the awesome fish we are seeing in the Taupo Fishery at the mo.  


Randal Hart


winter fly fest 6 2017.jpg

(Above) Barbie Randall-George with the spot prizes that she won.

(Below) The last person to register for the Fly Fest was the first to win a spot prize !  This is Tangaroa Wall-MacAlister. A huge cheer went up when he won the prize.

winter fly fest 5 2017.jpg

(Below) I wonder after you have had a few of these would your best fishing story ever be told ??  I suppose the size of the fish you either caught or lost would increase in size too ?

winter fly fest 9 2017.jpg

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