Tuesday 15th September 2015


The day is bright and sunny once again but there is a lazy cold biting wind. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. The bulk of the angling pressure looks to have tapered off a wee bit now but there are still plenty of fish out there to be caught. Most anglers will now be looking forward to the 1st October with most of the back country rivers / lakes opening up then. In the past I have always waited in anticipation for this to happen as it then means there will be even less pressure on the Tongariro and more space for me to fish with usually a good fish numbers. 

The weather appears to be warming but can catch you out sometimes with unsettled conditions. The insect life will become more active over the next few weeks as the days get longer and the sun comes out.  Keep your eyes peeled for hatching Mayflies.

I received this email yesterday thanks to Colin Binstead who fished here last week.  Colin writes: 


Hi Jared,

Thanks for your wise advice on the Simms gear we purchased ... worked very well. I have attached some photos from our days last week on the Tongariro, a very successful time. Wetlining with a rabbit fly was the way to go for us.

All trout kept are now awaiting the smoke house.

Kind regards,

Colin Binstead 


(Below) Colin with a good solid looking Tongariro Rainbow Trout.


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