Friday 15th September 2017


Overcast. No wind today. The Tongariro is highly fishable today.  Was flat out in the shop first thing this morning with anglers topping up on supplies !! Rushed off our feet actually. Most anglers are still catching fish or if not catching themselves then are seeing others that are catching fish !

Both nymphing and wetlining are working well.  Seems to be bombs and glo bugs / hare and coppers for the nymphers and gold bead olive woolly buggers / Red Setters / Hydro Hustlers for the wetliners. 

Most parts of the river are reporting fish being caught.

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from an email sent in on the 12th September by Michael Phelan.  This was an impressively long fish at 650mm.  Peter Carty and I commented on the size of his paddle !!  If the fish was 650mm long then by our estimations the width of this tail was about 20cm ... roughly a third the length of the fish ! I am sure that a Mermaid would be pleased to have a tail of this magnificence ?

Michael writes:

For Andrew and Jared

I caught a number of fish on last month's visit that I photographed and measured. In sorting them I was staggered at the powerplant on this beauty which measured at 650mms on my cutting table. I see now why he was a vigorous fighter



michael phelan powerhouse sep 2017.jpg

(Below) The good dumping of snow that the Umukarikari Range got on Tuesday.  The snow took a few days to melt.  On Wednesday the Tongariro had a little tinge of colour to it which looked to have come from the snow melt. 

kaimanawa snow 11092017.jpg

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