Thursday 15th October 2015


Overcast start to the day once again but very little wind. Appears the angling pressure has tapered off a wee bit now as most anglers will hit their local waters and have more options within the Taupo Fishery to satisfy their angling addictions such Lake Otamangakau, Lake Kuratau and Lake Rotoaira. 

Don't forget the upper reaches to fishable rivers in the Taupo Fishery open on 1 December this year (not to be confused with the opening of Fish and Game areas being 1st October).

A chap called in to see me yesterday to see if I could think up a Mystery Weight for an up-coming competition, so I gave it some careful consideration before writing it on the back of a card and sealing it in an envelope. I guess the thought being is that the angler with the closest weight to the Mystery Weight would win a prize. So, upon sealing the envelope I wrote on the front of it "Mystery Wait ?"  as I know it could take some anglers a long time before they actually catch anything ;-) 

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