Tuesday 15th December 2015


Fine and sunny with a strong gusty wind blowing.  All rivers are fishable. This wind is driving everyone mad at the moment. Kind of reminds me of some of the summers like I remember as a kid growing up in Turangi.  Blows all day, every day with only a calm period first thing in the morning and right on dark. Some anglers are finding it tedious during the day.

The best bet is possibly the evening rise if this wind lets up.

I've seen some good pictures of some nice fat trout from up at Lake Otamangakau. Mostly rainbows caught. 

The following pictures are little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland who has headed back off home after giving the local fish a bit of a fright. Jens writes:

G’day Jared

Another fantastic rise on the river last night with many misses, some flies ripped off and a few fish landed. Some nice silver bullets that did not want to come in to be released. It took some courage to not keep a couple of these fresh run fighters, but as I am leaving today, they would have been “give aways”. So thanks again for all your advice along the way and as you will note the daytime fish are getting bigger. Anyway a suitable advertisement for my vintage “Hardy's” 
Will catch up again in February
Cheers for now




(Above & Below) Jen's "trophy" rainbow


(Below) A good size rainbow caught on the evening rise.




(Below) A good sized rainbow landed by Jens.




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