Thursday 15th December 2016


Overcast and grey. Humid. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. Wow! The weather is up and down and all over the place .... generally if it hasn't been raining it has been blowing its guts out.  Cold one day, hot the next ... nearly froze to death out fishing on Tuesday night. 

Looks like Jens has found his Mojo and is back into catching fish again .... most likely the first week or two is just settling in .. a bit of waving the rod about to get his arm back in and then ..... into it !

Hi Jared,
Finally worked it out……
Landed six rainbow’s and a brown with heaps of misses in between. Must be going home time soon?! 


jens 1 work out dec 2016.jpg

(Above & Below) Looks like a couple of nice fish landed by Jens ... appears to be for the evening rise.

jens 2 work out dec 2016.jpg

(Below) A typical Spring river fish once it has spawned.  A bit lean under the stomach. Often referred to as kelts, slabs or spent fish.  Generally once they have spawned then Spring provides them the opportunity for them to stay in the river and feed on the readily available insect life that is around.  The hatches provide them with easy meals, especially when the insects are hamstrung whilst they transition from under the surface to above the surface.

jens 3 work out dec 2016.jpg

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