Tuesday 16the February 2016


Overcast start to the day today with a light drizzle falling. All rivers are clear and fishable at this stage. Looks like some rain is forecast at some stage during the week.  This could be heavy so a suggestion is watch what is happening in the headwaters for rivers possibly rising quickly.

I received this email and photos thanks to Jens while I had a couple of days off.  Jens wites:

Hi Jared,
Missed you on Saturday afternoon on our return from a great hot day on the TT, so here are some pics you might want to use.

It would seem that the fish are not very hungry at the moment, when you observe the number of downed cicadas trying out their back stroke, floating in the river with no interference from “below”. Most could do with a bit more practice as the turn their tight circles between resting and attempted 'take-offs’

Mind you, the fish that do take a fly in preference to the real thing, turn out to be really lively and full high-jump expertise in their attempt to shake the fly. 
Had only one spent looking jack out of six nice fish landed, and couple of those looked in prime condition

We did get a lot of casting practice during the day, to fish, that showed no interest at all feeding or fear, when the fly or the line floated nicely placed, over them, next to them, in front of them and on top of them, till they finally got sick of the splashing and slid slowly into faster water 







9Above & Below) Some nice silver fish landed by Jens on the Tauranga-Taupo River on Saturday.


(Below) Check out how clear that water is !


(Below) Recently released and on its way back to cover.


(Below) Another nice silver fish.


(Below) Days like this are hard to beat for fishing.  Nice and sunny and pleasant ... apart from the heat.


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