Thursday 16th February 2017


Overcast with the odd spot of rain falling at the odd time. Light airs. The Tongariro is fishable. The cicadas are still chirping madly down by the river.  The overcast conditions have cooled things down a bit. Some great fishing to be had in the river with plenty of fish around.

Yesterday Alister and I decided to have a look at the lower Tongariro for cicada fishing, however compared to last year saw few fish and had the odd one or two rise up and attack the cicada.  All rainbows. 

After having a relaxed lunch we decided to head out to the mouth to try and catch some fish. We saw a few fish splashing on the surface. They looked to be smelting so we changed setups and put on a smelt.  Wow !! Talk about the flies getting hammered !!

(Below) Al with the first fish that he hooked after a couple of casts.  The fish just hammered the fly.  The fish really put up a great fight.

lake taupo 1 smelting trout 15022017.jpg

(Below) Look what I hooked .... a Black Magic Jelly Bean ... a great smelt imitation.

lake taupo 3 smelting trout 15022017.jpg

(Below) The first cast after launching the Jelly Bean the fish smashed the fly. Al was pretty stoked.  These fish really put up a great fight.

lake taupo 6 smelting trout 15022017.jpg

(Below) The Jelly Bean in the jaws ...

lake taupo 5 smelting trout 15022017.jpg

(Below) This was a cracker fish that was hoovering up smelt at the Delta. It took a while to land this one. Quite a few strong powerful runs.  I think the river anglers might get smoked this year when the fish really start running.

lake taupo 4 smelting trout 15022017.jpg

(Below) Another rainbow caught stripping smelt.


lake taupo 2 smelting trout 15022017.jpg

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