Friday 2nd February 2016


Almost impossible to believe but we have got another day of sunshine here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 9:00am.  This may pick up mid afternoon though.  The Tongariro River is highly fishable for both the wetline and nymph today. It is reported as lower than yesterday and clearer than yesterday.

Make the most of the next 2-3 days of sunshine as that is all we might get for Summer !!  More rain due next week !! The sun seems to be struggling to get up over the horizon at the moment ... it seemed a bit slow this morning (ie the days seem to be getting shorter).  I have noticed a Poplar Tree with yellow leaves ... could we be in for an early Winter ??

Make the most of fishing the river in some nice sunshine as most of next week it looks like rain is forecast.  Not too many reports from anglers filtering through of the rivers.  Most reports are from anglers fishing Lake Otamangakau and the river mouths. 

Most up at Lake O have been taking out bloodworms, snail patterns and tiny pheasant tails. 

River mouths most have taken out Lumo Doll Flies, Lumo Black Marabou or Olive or Brown Woolly Buggers.

The cicadas seem to have taken a battering with all of the rain that we have been having.  You might hear the odd one chirping with the sunshine coming out. I heard quite a few crickets yesterday and there are still a heap of Passion Vine Hoppers flying around.  These might be patterns the dry fly enthusiast may want to look at using. If not then go nymphing with a "Natural" glo bug;-) or wetlining with the mightily original " Olive Woolly Bugger "



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