Thursday 16th March 2017


The weather's great, the fishing's great ... any volunteers want to work for me today ... ???

The sun is shining, blue sky in Turangi today .... virtually zero wind .... the Tongariro looks fantastic .... big browns in the Tongariro  .... smelt in lake Taupo .....  why don't you pull a sickie ?? 

(Below) Just one angler fishing the Major Jones Pool at 1:00pm today ..... See !! If someone would have volunteered for me then I would have made it two people fishing in the river .... look at the nice milky green water in the Tongariro River today.

John was out on the boat off Moutuoapa this morning and reported some fantastic fishing at around 35m .... hopefully pictures tomorrow.  He was trolling ....  he missed 5 whacks at harling due to a faulty fly. 


fly fishing 1 taupo 16032017.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the Breakfast Pool at the same time ... no one in here either .... What a day it would be to fish today !!!  Better than stuck at work !! Where are all the retirees ??  Should be out there in droves making the most of the awesome weather ....

fly fishing 2 taupo 16032017.jpg

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