Friday 16th March 2018


Overcast.  Light drizzly rain. No wind as of 8:45am. The Tongariro still contains some slight colour but is highly fishable for the wetline or nymph.


sporting life turangi 1 major jones swing bridge 16032018.jpg

(Above) I headed down to the Tongariro River during my lunch break to see what it was like. The water has basically cleared right up now but there is still a tinge of colour to the deeper parts.

(Below) This is a great shot to show the silty sludgy mud that came down the river before last weekend. It is covering the rocks on the edge of the water.  Quite slippery so be careful wading.  The silty colour has been hanging around for quite a few days which is a bonus for the angler as it makes the fish a little less wary.

sporting life turangi 11 major jones swing bridge 16032018.jpg

(Below) One angler fishing the Breakfast Pool at about 12:45pm today. 

sporting life turangi 12 major jones swing bridge 16032018.jpg

(Below) It started off with drizzly rain here in Turangi this morning but has cleared and the humidity has really come up now. This is looking upstream from the Major Jones Swing Bridge.  The river looked really nice for fishing .... unfortunately I had to come back to work !!

sporting life turangi 13 major jones swing bridge 16032018.jpg



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