Monday 16 May 2016


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling at present. No wind first thing this morning. The Tongariro is highly fishable. No reports on the other rivers at this stage but should all be fishable.

Might be worth a look giving a glo bug a burn with the lower light conditions. There remains plenty of caddis life in the river at present. The wetlining has been quite effective over the last week in the Tongariro.

It is still early days with rainbow runs at present and exploration is needed to find where fish are most likely to be.  If you fish an area of the river one day and catch very little, it may still be worth a look in a day or two as the fish may have trickled in.

A cooler and wetter change to the weather looks to be on the way from today which are usually good indicators for runs to occur. Snow is forecast for Mt Ruapehu for tomorrow and Wednesday.  This should also cool off water temperatures.

Dust off the beanies, jumpers, fleeces and gloves as you may be needing them !



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