Tuesday 16th May 2017


Overcast. Cool. No wind in Turangi as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable for both nymphers and wetliners today .... fish already being caught today. Ooooh .... anyone want to work for me today so I can go fishing ??

The Tongariro has settled after the big flood at the end of last week and should be highly fishable this week. More rain is due later in the week. The smaller rivers should be worth an explore as well.  Fish should have moved through all rivers. 

With the wetter start to the year then it could be a good "glo bug" year if the rivers keep getting volume and colour to them.

More fish should keep running from now until Spring.  Each time we get some rain they will be on the move. 

One would hope that the fine brown slime that was on the rocks prior to the flood last week has now been washed away and this should make the wading less slippery !!! 


bridge pool 1 peter carty 16052017.jpg

(Above) Three anglers fishing below the S.H.1 road bridge at 8:00am this morning. 

(Below) A few more anglers down in the "Old Bridge Pool"

bridge pool 2 peter carty 16052017.jpg

(Below) An angler busy playing a fish.

bridge pool 3 peter carty 16052017.jpg

(Below) A bag limit from the angler above.  A couple of nice fresh run rainbows. Told you that you should have pulled a sickie this week ;-)

bridge pool 4 peter carty 16052017.jpg



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