Wednesday 18th May 2018


Overcast, the odd bit of rain falling at times. Light winds.  The Tongariro is flowing at about 30 cumecs and is highly fishable.

There are some nice looking fish being caught.  In general most anglers are catching the odd few, with the odd few anglers catching a lot. Skill levels generally come into play here.  The old " 10 % of the anglers catching 90% of the fish " scenario. Knowing likely places that will hold fish, and using the right technique for where you are and doing the " right " things will help you. There is really only one thing to do to catch more fish and that is to up-skill.  There are no easy shortcuts apart from doing the hard yards and keeping an open mind with your fishing ... always wanting to go fishing and being prepared to learn more is a good attitude to have. 

Andrew was out and about on the weekend with his mate Billy and look to have landed some nice fish. They went for a wander up the Waitahanui River to check out things. 

(Below) Billy with a good sized rainbow.

sporting life fishing report 1 waitahanui river fly fishing may 2018.jpg

(Below) Andrew with a yellowy coloured rainbow from the Waitahanui River.

sporting life fishing report 11 waitahanui river fly fishing may 2018.jpg

(Below) " Taihape Brent " with a nice silver rainbow from the pool just under the S.H.1 road bridge.

sporting life fishing report 1 bridge pool brent may 2018.jpg 

(Below) Andrew with a nice solid rainbow from the lower Tongariro River caught on the weekend. 

sporting life fishing report 11 bridge pool brent may 2018.jpg

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