Thursday 16th June 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. Very light breeze to start the day but going by the last 3 the wind has really picked up during the day.  All rivers are clear and fishable.  

I have had a few anglers in the shop over the last few days finding the going tough for the fishing with the comment from them that "the fishing is hard at the moment!".  I now have to correct anglers as soon as they say that.  I interrupt and say "NEVER!!!  Fishing is always EASY .........It is the CATCHING that may be hard !"  However in saying that if you find the fishing hard then you can always come and volunteer to work for me and I'll go and find the fish ;-)

Having more than one "string to your bow" and being able to try something different, or try a different place may actually cause you to catch a fish that may otherwise be eluding you !

(Below) I was going through the emails yesterday, and since I have had a few days off I missed this one of another "Arty Farty" photo thanks to Dave and Jill.Dave writes:

Another arty farty photo. The worst day fishing always better than best day at work!! A stunning evening on the Tongariro  

Dave and Jill


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