Saturday 16th July 2016


Overcast with high cloud, fine with sunny patches. Cold SW wind. The Tongariro is highly fishable. Reports filtering in of some nice fresh fish moving through. Still a few anglers are washing their flies and wondering where the fish are but others reporting catching some nice ones.... also loosing a few too ;-)

Plenty more anglers seem to have come out of the woodwork .... possibly due to the rain ..... a few calling into the shop in a mild state of hypothermia today ... should have been here last week in the 16-18 degree celcius temperatures ;-)

I saw Mayflies hatching the other day whilst out nymphing but can understand that the warmer sunny weather may account for that. 


fly fishing tongariro river Morning1 16072016.jpg

(Above) A couple of anglers fishing the Hydro Pool at about 8:30am this morning. 

(Below) A few anglers out and about in the Breakfast Pool this morning.

fly fishing tongariro river Morning2 16072016.jpg

(Below) There is more to fishing than having a fly in the water .... the better part of fishing .... being in a great place, having a snack and a hot drink ! As one gets older ... even taking a seat becomes a luxury ;-)

fly fishing tongariro river Morning4 16072016.jpg

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