Sunday 16th August 2015


Sorry about the delay in the web reports .... just been too busy in the shop to get on the computer to type something out !! Fixing all of anglers problems and splicing fly lines !  

Had some good reports for a couple of boating anglers trolling over the last few days who have headed out from Tokaanu. Seems to be Pink Turbo flashes and Spotty Golds doing the trick.  One angler reported boating 12 fish today !

Some anglers reported the Tongariro coloured up quickly today and after about half an hour cleared again .... possibly a slip ??

In general most anglers are still catching fish with the odd few starting to find things a little tricky, or possibly have lost their mojo .... or having trouble reading the water ( having trouble keeping up with the changing river due to the floods) ... other anglers reporting "seeing" other anglers land in excess of 15-20 fish.

In the meantime some of the new younger anglers like "Mini Seth" here have been having a ball.



(Below) The other day I was talking about "fishing" versus "catching".  These days a lot of anglers only tend to be focused on catching ... got to have the most fish, got to have the biggest fish (i'm almost over hearing about how big fish are, how small they are etc), but are they becoming detached from what fishing may actually be about ?  Here are some pictures below that I call "fishing" .... there's more to fishing than catching fish ..


... sleeping, relaxing, not working, spending time with mates ....


.... enjoying a nice evening out.

So, if you are keen, send in some "fishing" photos rather than just "fish" photos.






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