Tuesday 16th August 2016


Bbrrrrr a -1.9 degree frost this morning. Fine and sunny. No wind.  All rivers are fishable.  Wow! this is some great weather that we have been having.  It is nice to get out on a good day like these.  The beauty of the sunshine is it makes spotting fish a little easier.  When the water is clear it also helps you to identify snags. 

The pictures below were sent in the other day thanks to Brett and Christine.  Andrew said that this was Brett's first ever fish he has caught tied on his own fly which Peter Carty showed him how to tie.  This was on his third cast after he purchased a new Lamson Liquid Reel and spool set off us.

brett2christine aug 2016.jpg


brett1christine aug 2016.jpg


fly fishing new zealand tongariro red hutt 09082016.jpg

(Above & Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from last week (basically the same look as today).  The picture above is the Red Hut bridge which allows access to the upper pools. (Below) This is the bypass heading on the way upstream to the Boulder Reach. The pines were poisoned years ago (considered an invasive species) to allow the native vegetation underneath to grow better. Be careful if walking under these in high wind as they are quite deteriorated now. 

fly fishing new zealand tongariro up to boulder reach 09082016.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the Boulder Reach with the snow covered Umukarikari range in the background. These days i'm not so interested in catching fish but to get out on days like this and enjoy "the fishing" in a fantastic place. Taking some lunch and sitting on the riverbank in the sunshine is just as good as hooking a fish.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river boulder reach 09082016.jpg

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