Wednesday, 16th August 2017


Overcast.  The Tongariro is still flowing in the 50 cumec range .... would be nice to see some sunshine for a change. No wind as of 9:30am.

These conditions are ideal for the wetliners with the heavier flows. This has secured some good sized fish for those using the wetline, especially jacks.

A little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Bevin Jordan who fished up at the Tauranga-Taupo river.  Bevin writes:

Hi guys

The weather and the fishing was spectacular in the weekend, between myself and a mate we would have hooked twenty fish and landed twelve (on the TT). Nice fat condition average about 5lb.

Kind regards,

Bevin Jordan

bevin 2 jordan august 2017.jpg

bevin 3 jordan august 2017.jpg

bevin 1 jordan august 2017.jpg

(Below) Neil Cunnington had come back over to NZ for the Sporting Life Winter Fly Fest and while he is here he couldn't resist in having a flick for a Tongariro Silver Bullet. Neil writes:

Couple to hand, I hope I didn't peak too soon ;-)

neil cunnington on the board ms ford august 2017.jpg

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