Wednesday 16th September 2015


Another beautiful morning here in Turangi this morning. Slightly cloudy with the flag just fluttering lightly in the breeze which is a lot warmer than yesterday. 

Anglers are still calling into the shop having basically no difficulty in catching fish but with the clearer, sunnier conditions have moved more to the natural types of nymphs.

I received this email on Monday thanks to David Molnar who sent in some fantastic "fishing photos". You know, the ones I was going on about the other week with the snoozing anglers?  David writes:

Hey guys,

A few photos from our recent 5 day Tongariro trip (last Wednesday to Sunday). Lots of fish in the river, all in excellent condition. Most seemed to average around 3lbs. Our biggest was a 5lb hen caught yesterday morning (IMG 0583 and 0584) in the pool below the rock wall down from the SH1 bridge. We fished a lot of the pools, with most being reasonably productive. Even managed to catch one of the tricky fish that are always visible in the deep pool at the head of Cattle Rustlers. Was very windy on Friday and Saturday, and pretty wet on Thursday. Unfortunately also managed to hook my ear on the first cast at Cattle Rustlers after the 40 minute walk. 3 local injections, some pulling from the doctor, and a tetanus shot later, and we were back on the river. 





(Above) Looking down to Shag and Duchess from TRB (downstream of Red Hut Bridge)

(Below)  River trail, TRB down from Red Hut Bridge.


(Below)  Nymphing at head of Cattle Rustlers




(Above & Below)  5lb hen


(Below)  Downstream from tail of Blue Pool


(Below)  Nick with his first Tongariro trout, and first on the fly.


(Below)  Needs no explanation


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