Monday 16th November 2015


Good heavy rain early this morning has brought the Tongariro up slightly. Running at about 32 cumecs and highly fishable. Might be a good chance to swing a wet fly to catch one of those big browns working their way upriver. Most anglers in the shop today appeared to be heading up to Lake O for a fish.

I've been off for a week so have to catch up with what has been going on.

Spoke to a local guy this morning who went out Harling on Lake Taupo and caught some cracker fish including one good sized brown.  Not many reports of smelt down this end yet but those that have reported them have said "quite deep".  Others who have been trolling or harling have also reported "green stuff" in them. November is the "traditional" harling time with flies like the "Green Orbit" and "Yellow Lady" being the predominant ones amongst the Parsons Glory and Grey Ghost.

The last week or so saw us invaded from members of the "West Island" of New Zealand that we commonly refer to as Australia. The boys look to have had a bit of fun.  The Boss said something about them struggling with the likes of how to play rugby but they look like they can manage to snag a few unwary fish !

Phil Jones 11112015.jpg

(Above) Phil (Below) John

John Gamble 11112015.jpg


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