Wednesday 16th November 2016


Overcast, the odd spot of light drizzly rain at times, no wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro came up to 228 cumecs overnight but is now down to about 55 cumecs. It is a milky white/grey colour.  Most likely should be more fishable around lunchtime or mid afternoon (depending on whether we get any more rain).

(Below) The Tongariro River as of about 8:00am this morning. Almost at a fishable level .... don't worry about the milky colour.  Ideal conditions to swing those spey/skagit/switch feather dusters or wetflies on a sinking line or shooting head.

tongariro river fly fishing hydro day after flood 16112016.jpg


(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage of Graeme Hamilton and a nice conditioned trout he caught out in Lake Taupo the other day. 

lake taupo fishing graeme 1 hamilton nov 2016.jpg

(Below) Check out those fillets !!  Looks better than Salmon.

lake taupo fishing graeme 2 hamilton nov 2016.jpg


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