Wednesday 16th December 2015


Fine and sunny here in Turangi this morning. A "choppy" breeze at present which may lift to "constant gale" later in the day like it has been doing for weeks now !! Bloody wind !!!!! Arrrgh !! 

As I said on the report the other day we can experience a cold spell in the middle of December which it appears is happening. Nothing out of the ordinary ...... I have seen snow on Mt Pihanga 3 days before Christmas before.  All those anglers who heard cicadas will most likely be disappointed as the cold shuts them down.  As I said it normally is about the middle of January here in Turangi before the temperatures remain constant enough for them to really start to come on (selected warm pockets may be sooner). 

Not sure what is going to happen this summer. The last three summers have been hot and dry and almost drought conditions but living here in Turangi for a long time we must be due a sticky, drizzly wet one at some stage.  February can sometimes get lots of rain and being wary of flooding is necessary.  Pay particular attention in the back country as you may be standing in sunshine and 30km away it is bucketing down in the hills.  Always keep an eye on the river levels and what is happening in the headwaters above you. Always have an escape plan for where you are fishing (ie how to climb a cliff to get out of the river should levels rise!).  A good idea is to have a dry bag to put your stuff in a backpack.  If the worst comes to the worst then this could be used as a flotation device ! Another idea I heard from some anglers who got stranded on an island in the Tongariro is that they took their waders off and filled them up with air and sealed them !! Luckily they got picked up before they needed to go for a swim ! 

The following picture was sent in yesterday thanks to Rod Stuart.  He caught this one in the Tongariro on his new rod !  A reasonably nice looking rainbow for this time of the year. A couple of other anglers reported some fresh ones caught in the river over the last day or two. 

I also went to the Tokaanu Tailrace for a spin last night.  After about 20 casts I hooked a beauty that got off and had three other takes !!  The funny thing is the other takes were almost at my feet (about 4m in front of the rod tip).  Two were fast and I didn't see what they were but I saw one fish that was about 2 feet long have a go at my lure !!!




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