Tuesday 17th January 2017


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. Very chilly first up this morning. All rivers are clear and fishable. The cicadas are starting to chirp a bit more now. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice and sunny and hot.  The wind that we have been having has dried things off a lot now. Some intermittent rain would be good to keep the ground soft and the humidity up for the cicadas.

Tongariro River Hydro Pool lower 16012017.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool at about 7:00pm yesterday. A fantastic evening to be out and about.

(Below) A highly fishable Hydro Pool yesterday evening.

Tongariro River Hydro Pool 16012017.jpg

(Below) God looking water at the upper part of the Hydro Pool. The wind was howling last night though. As of 9:00am this morning it is calm but the wind will most likely pick up later in the day.

Tongariro River Hydro Pool upstream 16012017.jpg

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