Wednesday 17th February 2016


4:30pm Heavy rain set back in.


3:00pm Rain stopped.  Gusty wind still there. Tongariro highly fishable only come up about 2 cumecs.


11:45am Heavy rain eased and the rivers are still fishable at this stage.  Wind has increased.


Overcast with steady rain falling as I am writing this.  Watch the weather forecast as rivers may rise later in the day. As of 9:00am they are currently fishable.

I decided to have a look at the Waiotaka River on Sunday while the weather was fine and the water clear. I walked and fished quite a long way and only saw 5 legal sized fish.  Four of which basically took off from under the banks as I stood right beside them and the other one was the only one I could actually have a crack at..... usual story a bad back cast area behind me and a branch hanging down just in front of the fish! It sat there for a while as I got the odd cast to go where I wanted it to but the fish ignored me .... I thought I would move up into a better position which just made the fish more aware of me and it sloped away under the bushes upstream !

I did notice about 50 juvenile fish in the tail of each pool I got to which looks like the hatch and spawn this previous season has been very successful due to the nice spring and summer we have had .... almost too successful.  A good flood now may cull some of these off to hopefully make a dent in the population and also to knock them back into Lake Taupo to start to grow.

Overall not very successful at "catching" but a great afternoon of "fishing".  I did land one .... well if you call it one .... more like a 1/8th, but I still didn't score a "duck!".

The other thing I noticed was that the river is starting to get really overgrown again and the willows are making a great comeback along the banks in some places.


(Above) The Waiotaka River. Low, slow and very clear.

(Below) This "trophy" is the only thing I caught and landed !  There were about 50 of these in the tails of nearly every pool I fished.


(Below) Prime looking spot with nothing in it. As I went to walk off one shot out from under some bushes just to the right of where I was standing !!!


(Below) Can you spot the fish in the picture below ?


(Below) If you had trouble then here is a little help for you.


(Below) A close up to show you.  Notice the overhanging branch just in front of it !!!!


(Below) Here is something that I have encountered quite a bit over the years on my fishing travels.  Bees that look like they are sucking up mud.  Are they drinking or getting minerals from the mud on the riverbank ? Does anyone know what they are doing ?  They are not along the entire riverbank but only in selected areas. Usually you can get really close to them and they don't seem bothered by you.  There are heaps of them sometimes.


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