Friday 17th February 2017


4:45pm The sun is shinning and the cicadas are out .... the river has come down and it must be worth fishing .... the rain didn't seem as bad as it was supposed to be. Peter Carty tied up these articulated streamers and was going to give them a burn in the river after work to see if he can hook one of those big browns that have been hanging around.

peter carty articulated streamers 17022017.jpg

(Below) Jens was out and about this afternoon and spotted this Cicada.  The cicadas we get here are "quite big". Notice the shape of the wings.

cicada tongariro river 17022017.jpg

(Below) Jens must have been successful in securing a fish to the bank. He likes to eat the roe which takes a bit of preparation to get ready to eat.  The earliest I have caught a fish in the Tongariro with roe in it has been the 28th February. So, is it an early runner .... or a late runner ??

roe from trout 17022017.jpg



1:30pm  Showers on and off ... Tongariro around 50 cumecs, fishable level but quite coloured  ..... best to give the sinking line and streamers a burn if desperate for a fish. The river hasn't come up as much as thought. More rain forecast this afternoon though.


Overcast with heavy rain ... almost got fish swimming past the shop. No wind, but humid. The Tongariro is currently at 41 cumecs as of 8:45am on its way up. It rained really heavy nearly all night long. You might have to call into Sporting Life for a bit of retail therapy today to stock up on supplies for when it stops raining !

(Below) 9:00am  Andrew has just come back from the river and said it looked ok to fish. Rain also eased. He said the water was quite brown but still worth a fish at this stage.  Just watch to see if it comes up more later in the day.

tongariro river 17022017.jpg

This may be a game changer for the rivers. Will have to keep a close eye on the cicadas but this could be a deal breaker .... depends if the sun comes out and it gets really hot and sunny again after the rain. So long as the temperature stays up we should be ok.  Sometimes with the cicadas there has only been a two week window in February only to get the fish to rise to them.  Fingers crossed we don't get a massive flood to blow the fish out of the river.  A flood at this stage may do two things .... wash most of the fish out of the river but then it could also bring some early runners up the river (especially browns and some big rainbows).  Might be a time to dust off the sinking lines and get out the skagit and switch/spey gear to swing the wets.

Hopefully the rain was just over Turangi and not up in the headwaters.  A bit of volume would be nice to freshen the river up a bit.

Bill Grace was out fishing on Lake Taupo the other day with Hugh Waters and they landed a big rainbow.  Bill thinks this one went over 9lb (not weighed but he had one a few years ago that was similar but weighed and this one was bigger he said).  The fish have been feeding hard out on smelt and anglers are saying how much of a fight these things are putting up. I think a few river anglers might get "smoked" this year when the fish start to run. 

bill grace 1 jigging lake taupo feb 2017.jpg

(Above & Below) Hugh Waters with a good sized rainbow caught. Bill said this one peeled off some line. The fish have been in fantastic condition this summer. 

If you are keen to head out with Bill give him a call (07) 386 6614 or 027 620 7326

bill grace 2 jigging lake taupo feb 2017.jpg


jens 1 tongariro river 14012017.jpg

(Above) Jens was out on the Tongariro on Tuesday evening.  This is the Cicada Pool / Slab alley.

(Below) The Admirals Pool. 

jen 2 tongariro river 14022017.jpg

(Below) Jens then headed over to the Kuratau Spit on Wednesday evening.  There was a fantastic sunset that evening. 

jens 3 tongariro river 15022017.jpg




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