Saturday 17th February 2018


Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro River is highly fishable today.

A few anglers have called into the shop over the last few days with most heading out on the Tongariro for a fish. My advice to them has been to get out before this Cyclone Gita is due next week ( if it gets here ).  The arrival of this could mean that the rivers may come up and flood ... yet again .... What a Summer !!!  And to think people complained of the really nice weather we had in November and December !!!  My advice on this is to NEVER complain about GOOD weather in New Zealand !!! If you are not farming then MAKE THE MOST OF THE GOOD WEATHER !!!

I find this fascination with weather quite amazing in terms of anglers.  In the Winter when there are those big high pressure systems ( which I find awesome fishing on the Tongariro in the bright blue skies as I treat the river like fishing in the Summer )  ... anglers want rain .... in the Summer .... anglers don't want the rain they want the sunshine .....  ?? A case of never satisfied .....  then there are the few who don't care and just go fishing anyway as they realise that fishing beats working any day !

Most anglers hitting the Tongariro are Nymphing or Wetlining .... the Cicadas just haven't been making a peep at all, although I have been hearing and seeing a lot more Crickets in the last week ..... along with the thunderstorms, flooding, tempest and the like, could we be in for a plague of Crickets this year ? 

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