Friday 17th March 2017


Fine and sunny start this morning.  A heavy dew on the ground. A slight cool breeze is blowing.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

I managed to get out for a flick of the rod with my Swedish mate Kjell after work last night since the day was awesome and the weather was fantastic.  I had no volunteers to work for me so I could go fishing during the day which is a shame ... no one today either .... 

We got to the river and encountered another couple of anglers in the pool. It was someone I recognized so went and had a chat to see their intentions to fish and to see how they had got on for the day.  It was Charlie and his father who is out from England. Charlie said they had caught a few during the day.  A stunning day it was too. We waited until they headed off and proceeded to fish.  We started off nymphing and I said to Kjell .... who was set up for the wetline ... why don't we have three casts and drifts with my rod which was set up for nymphing and take turns, so three casts/drifts for him, then me three casts / drifts.  He went first .... nothing, I went, nothing and then Kjell's turn again .... he hooked one but wasn't quick enough on the strike.  Me nothing then Kjell's next three casts he hooked another one.  Looked to be a rainbow of about 2-3lbs (sorry Charlie ... right in front of where you were standing). 

As the evening progressed there was quite a good Mayfly hatch going on.  This was really strong about a half hour before dark. Looked to be about a size 14 or 16 mayfly in a light brown or grey colour.  A few fish were feeding on these.

We waited till dark to give the sinking line a burn and .... quite late in the evening ... I hooked this one.


huge brown trout 2 tongariro river 16032017.jpg

(Above) Looking like a possum caught in the headlights !!  I weighed this in at 9.5lb.  It put up a good fight and was a very strong fish. Hooked on a black woolly bugger. Lost a few flies in snags before hooking this one.  The trouble is fishing at night you get used to snags and then think they are fish but aren't, then you get a fish and you think it is a snag !!! This was the only one we got.

(Below) It was a solid and heavy brown trout. This time of the year is a good time to catch these fish. The McLean's Weigh Net was almost too small to put it in.

huge brown trout 1 tongariro river 16032017.jpg

(Below) Just prior to releasing. A huge fish but the 11 pounder I got a few years ago was almost as wide as my knee. 

huge brown trout 3 tongariro river 16032017.jpg

(Below) We stopped for a coffee mid way through the night as it was getting really cold and we had this visitor land on the thermos. A rather large Mayfly. I even saw a huge shooting star last night.

huge brown trout 4 tongariro river 16032017.jpg

(Below) Kjell wasn't too lucky last night but he has had his fair share of fat ones over the years ... here he is back in 2006 with a rather plump brown taken out of the Tongariro .... hard to believe we have a World Class Fishery with hardly anyone out and about having a crack at these. Some might confuse these for sea run and in the northern hemipshere are called sea trout. Here in Turangi, Lake Taupo acts like a large inland sea. They are just well conditioned brown trout.

huge brown trout 5 tongariro river 2006.jpg

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