Wednesday 17th May 2017


Overcast with rain falling at times. As of 8:30am the Tongariro is fishable holding at around 35 cumecs. This may change later in the day as more rain is forecast later in the day. No wind as of 9:00am.

Most things are pretty sodden around the district.  The year so far has been completely different than last year in terms of how wet it has been. Last year around this time thing were just so dry and the river levels very low.  You could almost hardly drift your flies in the Tongariro.  This year ... rain, rain, rain, flood, flood, flood ..... but in saying that fish like water.

There have been some excellent reports from anglers so far this year in terms of the fishing. Most anglers calling into the shop have been catching something ..... and if they haven't been catching have been getting busted off by some good fish !

So far have heard good reports of nice fish from the Hinemaiaia, Tauranga-Taupo and Tongariro. 

Reports of top quality, fat looking rainbows are keeping anglers happy. 

The odd few reports of catches from Lake Taupo over the last week has indicated the jigging still quite good in places with reports that some fish are still spewing out large quantities of smelt. 

The odd few reports have still indicated some nice fish coming out of Lake Otamangakau but remember that this lake closes at the end of 31 May so only about 2 weeks left to go fishing this for the season.

Also remember that the upper reaches of all fishable rivers close at the end of this month too. Consult the colour coded fishery regulation map to find out more. 


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