Thursday 17th May 2018


Overcast start to the morning but this has departed to produce a nice sunny day.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is running about 31 cumecs with some colour reported. Ideal for both wetlining and nymphing.

There looks to be some nice rainbows in the Tongariro at present. Some of the better ones look to have ben caught swinging wetflies.

Andrew went out in his lunchbreak yesterday and managed to snag this nice looking rainbow.  He was using his Skagit setup and an orange beaded olive woolly bugger.

There are few anglers around taking advatage of some great fishing conditions at present. We get quite a few reports from anglers who are " waiting until things get good " before they decide to go fishing. Andrew wrote yesterday on the Sporting Life Facbook page:

It was a good lunch session even though it started absolutely pissing down with lots of fish moving through and had 4 to the net by the end of lunch and with any technique the more practice with time on the water you put in the easier it gets. There is no quick answer or gear that is gonna make your fishing better than the time you put in yourself but the better you get the more the good gear will elevate your hard work.


sporting life turangi 1 skagit fishing lunchtime 16052018.jpg


sporting life turangi 11 skagit fishing lunchtime 16052018.jpg

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