Friday 17th June 2016


Overcast but some sun about. No wind today.  All rivers are clear. The Tongariro is very clear at present. I decided to head out for a lunchtime fish today. It took me longer to walk home, get into my waders, and get to the river than it did to catch a fish.

I wasn't having much luck and found a spot where I saw two fat browns that sloped off into the deeper water, and then I spotted a rainbow.  First cast, drift ..... hookup !  As I was playing the fish another buttery coloured looking fish started to chase the one I had on the line ! 


(Above) The rainbow I hooked in my lunch break today. Oh ... and if you ask, I only get an hour for lunch!


(Above) The Major Jones Swing Bridge at 1:10pm this afternoon. The river is nice and clear and makes spotting fish easy.

(Below) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool in the distance at the same time as the picture above.  Quite dark clouds but no sign of rain yet. 


(Below) Local angler Graham Hamilton called into the shop this morning to show us this really nice conditioned rainbow that he caught either this morning or yesterday - can't remember what one it was?? He caught this out at the Delta.  The flesh is super nice looking. 


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