Saturday, 17th June 2017


Fine and sunny with some high cloud about. A good frost this morning. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable today.

Once again a lack of rain in the district. When it comes it will come.  The bonus of the lack of rain is generally the nice sunny days. Also with the frosts it is generally wind free which is a bonus when it comes to casting a fly.

We can go through a bit of a dry patch at this time of the year.  In general fish move with the rain and pressure drops.  This has been well documented in past editions of Target Taupo magazines. In these nicer conditions the fish will still be there but will trickle through the rivers.  Over the years I have found the fish will be there but using the right fly and getting the right drift (if nymphing) will be pretty essential (if you are looking at fishing more than one place that is).

I really enjoy fishing these conditions on the big river as it is a challenge to get things right so that all things come together to have success all of the time.

Frosts have long been occurring in Turangi and over the years there have been some good ones.  Sometimes with ice almost half an inch think in the puddles.  The frosty mornings can make the fishing a little tricky when ice forms in your guides and after about the 3 or 4th cast you start to wonder why your line isn't shooting out ..... either reach up and break the ice off or dip your rod in the water to melt the ice as the water is warmer than the surrounding air.



(Above) Check out this "doozy" frost from June 2006 !!

(Below) Another good frost from June 2005.


(Below) A rather white looking bank along the Hydro Pool once again at the end of June 2006.  It is funny going back through reference photos an generally the same thing happens at the same time of the year.  Memories are funny things as they tend to suck out the major events but the "norm" tends to be forgotten.  One year we had about 14 frost in a row.  The thing is with these frosts the air tends to get dry and this may cause cracking of lips .....


(Below) Turangi ... a town that a river runs through! The picture below is an aerial shot of Turangi.  A fantastic town to live in.  We have a base population of about 3,000 and is a nice relaxed place to be. Apart from having to force yourself to come to work ... with usually only a 5 minute commute by foot from most parts of town then the other things to do are of course ... fishing .. golfing and walking, mountain biking, rafting, in the colder winter months skiing (30-35 minutes drive), swim in the thermal heated hotpools at Tokaanu and in the summer swim in the lake, even if you have a yacht then that is great too.

If not and you just want to "get away" and relax then this is the place. Nothing like sleeping in, getting up, cooking a breakfast, and reading the paper or book in the sun ;-)   ... notice the words paper/book  .... you know ... old school stuff that doesn't need plugging into the power .....

turangi aeirial photo.jpg

(Below) For those of you who are unfamiliar ... you should get hold of a copy of Admiral Hickling's "Freshwater Admiral" book.

 I really enjoyed reading this book as it is like a little time capsule of fishing and anglers particular traits (most things haven't changed at all). The Admiral writes of Turangi very fondly and over the years others have commented how crisp the air is here.

admiral 2 turangi.jpg

(Below) This also sums up Turangi quite well (most likely because most are out fishing or relaxing) .... I could coin the phrase that you could work on "Turangi Time"!

admiral 1 turangi.jpg




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