Sunday 17th July 2016


Overcast with some sunny patches. Strong gusting SW wind. The Tongariro is highly fishable today. Quite quiet in the town today.  I guess with the gusty strong wind and being a holiday most are doing what they should do on a holiday .... relaxing and having a sleep in. In terms of weather for fishing .... you should have been here last week ;-) you know when we had very little wind and 16-18 degree temperatures ... that was just marvelous.

Still, things are worth a fish if you want to battle the wind or find some other location that may be a little more sheltered. Over the weekend there appeared to be an influx of anglers ... partly due to the holiday but most likely due to the fact we actually got some rain !!  Usually we can experience quite a dry spell in the months of June/July and rainfall usually increases as we head into the Spring. 

With the weather being so warm over the last few months, the other day I was out on the river I even spotted some Mayflies hatching.  The river had lots of slime in it due to lack of flushes and plenty of sunshine.  This is great for holding nymph life but can make wading a pain in the "**tt" as you slip and slide all over the place. 

I did see plenty of very small mayfly nymphs under the rocks, plenty of grey looking caddis and the green caddis mostly appeared to be going into their little light brown shells ready to start their transformation into adults. Still a long way to go until the Spring hatches as we could have a few floods between now and then.

One other comment I have been hearing is that anglers are trying to compare what happened last year to this year ..... fatal mistake as over the years I have learned to fish for the "now" and not to compare.  Look at what is in front of you now and maybe change the method, style or location where you fish to continue to have SUCCESS ;-)

I received this email and photo late this afternoon thanks to Wayne.  Wayne writes:


Hi Sporting Life Crew,
Great to be able to have a week fishing in Turangi with a lot of friendly people fishing. Some catching fish others not, but to hell with it it beats working. The fisherpeople are great and share what the are using when they catch fish. But over the last week fish have been caught on Green caddis, white caddis, bombs of different patterns, naturals and glowbugs etc. You just don’t know what. I would however say I caught a few more using a glow bug after the heavy rain Wedn night/Thursday.
Only one upsetting event during the week was , several of us were fishing at a pool and witnessed a Sh*** of a guy who caught a fish proceeded to pick it up, remove the hook, then dropped it on dry land then kicked it back into the water. A short while later he caught another to do the same again saying this is to small. We don’t want people like that.
All said and done had a great week and caught a few fish and will be back.
Sent is one of a few fish caught during my week, caught Sat Morning.
Several around 3LB  , this was nearly 4 LB.
Tight Lines and keep up the reports.
Cheers Wayne

tongariro river rainbow trout wayne jul2016.jpg



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