Monday, 17th July 2017


Overcast.  The odd bit of light drizzle falling. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

I managed to get out for a flick on Tongariro River on Saturday.  It was a stunning day. I wanted to check out some places I hadn't been to for a while to familiarize myself with the pools again after all of the flooding that we have been having this year.  Some areas are looking good but quite a few laces I have found have become very swirly.

It was a stunning day to be out and about, however it turned into one of those days that you could always forget !  Hooks that would hook into everything except fish .... and most fish hooked you lose !!!

I started off wetlining and hooked a fish .... lost it .... lost fly after fly ... change to the nymph hook a fish on the second cast ... lose it .... lose fly after fly .... eventually landed a fish. 


jared 1 day off 15072017.jpg

(Above) I started off below SH 1 road bridge around the sticks. This is looking upstream. The Umukarikari Ranges were covered in snow after the polar blast.

(Below) One fish landed out of the three I hooked around the sticks.  This fish took the bomb.

jared 2 day off 15072017.jpg

(Below) I decided to head up the river to check it out. I caught up with a few of the Manic boys at the Blue Pool ... I hooked one in the swirly stuff above there ;-) This one took the glo bug.

jared 3 day off 15072017.jpg


jared 4 day off 15072017.jpg

(Above & Below) This is the same fish.  It was a real solid fish and a good fighter. This one is at the Fence Pool. It took a small hare and copper.

jared 5 day off 15072017.jpg

(Below) The tail of the Sand Pool looking downstream. 

jared 6 day off 15072017.jpg

(Below) Clear water in the tail of the Sand Pool.

jared 7 day off 15072017.jpg

(Below) The white water at the head of the Sand Pool.  I hooked two fish in the Sand Pool and lost one. Quite a few fish I caught on this day took the bomb.

jared 8 day off 15072017.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the Whitikau Pool from the top of the Sand Pool. I hooked one in the Whitikau Pool .... and lost that too !! 

jared 9 day off 15072017.jpg

 (Below) I found this lanyard on top of a rock.  If it is yours give us a ring here at Sporting Life (07) 386 8996 or email

lanyard 15072017.jpg




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