Friday 17th July 2015


Beautiful start to the day this morning, a few clouds but the wind has settled to nothing, which will help on the river today. Also according to the weather forecast we are in for some fine spells this afternoon which will hopefully get rid of the nip that is in the air. Although this weekend the weather is apparently going to turn, more rain is on the forecast.

Have heard from our anglers that the fishing at the moment is fantastic! Which is great to hear during the school holidays for our younger anglers, such as the below picture of one of our young local anglers Nivarn Fasher. Check out their nice rainbows they proudly show off.

I have noticed the popular flies lately have been the small glow bugs and flashback flies, due to the river conditions these seem to working well. School holidays are coming to an end which means more room on the river, so get out and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Bare with me for the next few weeks, as Yoda will be teaching me, the new apprentice, the ways of the website, so you don't have to suffer with the lack of updates while he is slacking off, I mean having his days off.



Two proud young anglers here, nice to see Nivarn wearing waders this time!

Come in and see us if your looking for junior waders!


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