Wednesday 17th August 2016


Wow !! Another fantastic day in Paradise (Turangi) today.  Another frost to start the day, bright blue sunny skies, no wind.  All rivers are fishable.

I just love fishing days like this, especially if there is no wind.  The start of the day appears to be on the chilly side but later on when the sun is up it is a good chance to work on your sun tan !!  Might be worth having a look at some of the mouths as the fish should be stacking up waiting for the next bit of rain and barometric pressure drop, or "early bird catches the worm".  

I have seen fish running in these clear conditions in the past.  One night I was out in a small stream and observed about 80 fish in an hour moving very quickly up river in the moon light.  The water was so shallow they were causing spray to come off their backs.  Those fish when running were on the move and were not interested in stopping !!

Make the most of the great weather and just get out and do it !!


Below is a little bit of delayed coverage thanks to James & Jo who look like they had a great time here in Turangi.

Hi Andrew

James and Jo from Singapore here. Just wanted to send you over some pix of the lovely little trout James managed to catch last week when we were in Turangi. Thanks so much for all your help and advice, I know James is already planning when he can get back to NZ and come and see you guys again.
We had a absolute blast - and that was even before the pub tear up !

Cheers and thanks again James & Jo 

james1tongariro 2016.jpg

(Above) James hooked up.

(Below) A nicely coloured up rainbow landed by James.

james2tongariro 2016.jpg

(Below) Casting below the Major Jones Swing Bridge.

james3tongariro 2016.jpg

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