Thursday, 17th August 2017


Overcast as of 9:30am but no rain .... yet. No wind either. The Tongariro is fishable and is holding its level at about 50 cumecs.

These higher flows have really been good for the wetliners. I have been giving it a bit of a nudge over the last few months with the river generally being higher and more coloured. I've found that I hook quite a few fish and lose most of them but the ones that I do land have generally been crackers !! You can really tell what is a big solid fish versus the ones that aren't of a good size. I seem to have caught a lot of jacks too.

I went out for a bit of an explore on Monday and headed up to the Poutu Pool to check out what it looked like and how good the track was. The track is a bit overgrown in places and a little hard to follow ... would be a bit tricky if it was dark you might miss a turn or two.  It is a nice area of the river. Much harder to fish with the river flowing almost twice its normal volume.


poutu pool one 14082017.jpg

(Above) The head of the Poutu Pool.  The Poutu Stream enters the pool at the top left of the picture.

(Below) With the extra flow the water bubbled up quite significantly in the deep part here.

poutu pool two 14082017.jpg

(Below) The tail of the Poutu Pool.  With the extra flows the water was just racing through here.

poutu pool three 14082017.jpg

(Below) I picked up jack on the nymph close in.

poutu pool four 14082017.jpg


poutu pool five 14082017.jpg

(Above & Below) I explored further around and ended up wetlining.  Lost a few but managed to land the one above and a huge jack in the picture below. You can really tell how big a fish is by its weight.  The fish above was considerably smaller than the one in the picture below. On the wetline they use the weight of the water and current to their advantage.

poutu pool six 14082017.jpg

(Below) I was out in the afternoon and got caught in the big hail storm that we had !  It just bucketed down and next thing I was getting pelted by ice !! 

poutu pool seven 14082017.jpg


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