Monday 17th August 2015


Only good things about the river this morning! After dropping the kids off to kindy I thought I would give you a break of Jared's posts and do my own! So here goes! I went over to the swing bridge and looked both ways and saw about 10 anglers on either side of the bridge. After looking both ways I looked down and the water was almost completely clear, absolutely beautiful. 

I didn't have enough time to have a look at what the fishermen were using or how many fish were getting hauled in (I think Jared would complain if I was late for work, sorry guys) but I figure if there was that many anglers out they must be having fun! The fact of the matter is that the river had a teeny tiny bit of greeny colour, but mostly it was beautiful clear!

Looking at the Genesis river flow charts, looks like the river level did increase on Sunday up to 42 cumecs but has dropped down to 35 cumecs again.

On Saturday I was out running around the river with a friend, once we got to the swing bridge we decided to have a rest on the rocks whilst waiting for our other halves and kids to come. We watched the anglers for about 20 minutes and in that time I was able to explain to her what flies were being used, why they were using glo bugs, the use of indicators etc. I was pretty proud of myself actually. Next stop will be getting somebody to take me out so that my knowledge will grow even more! 

So if your out fishing today or the next few days the weather is looking pretty nice so enjoy yourself!


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